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MAY 1ST 2022 - MAY 31ST 2022


REVIVAL was a virtual exhibition featuring 21 Queen’s University BFA student artists. This graduating show presented works from their 4th year thesis projects.


REVIVAL reflected their return to in-person studio, the reconnection of their creative community, and the relaunch of the traditional graduating show on Queen’s Virtual Studios.

The show was created and website organized in its entirety by students from the Class of 2022.



The Class of 2022 would like to thank our friends and family for their ongoing support and encouragement.


Special thanks goes to the 4th Year BFAH Exhibition Committee for making this exhibition possible:

Nicole Banton, Emma Bartley, Natasha Beaudoin, Flynn Eves-Welch, Jacqueline Guo, Laura Hill, Alison Rose, Michelle Shi, Dylan Siriopoulos, Mary Williams.


We would like to thank all Queen's University BFA Faculty for their teachings and imparting their knowledge onto us over the years, in particular our 4th year advisors, Rebecca Anweiler, Alejandro Arauz, Brian Hoad, and Daniel Hughes.


We would like to extend special thanks to Alejandro Arauz, Brian Hoad, Daniel Hughes, and Ryan Laidman for the parts they have played in making this exhibition a reality through their help and guidance.