As an Artist it is important to stay up to date with the work being created around you, to be inspired, the ability to collaborate and being pushed creatively by others is one of the great things about sharing a studio setting. Due to COVID-19 this was not a possibility in the 2020-2021 year, so we brought the studio to you! Going forward, we hope to continue to use this website as a platform for students to share their work, see archives of past students' work and to be used by students to share their work online.

This is a platform where all currently enrolled Queen's BFA students can share their work, ideas, and other tricks and tips they have found within their remote studios with others. 

If you want to see yourself within this Virtual Studio setting, head to the submissions page! A follow up email will be sent after registering with the next steps to continue!  With weekly updates to the Virtual Studios there is no limit on your creativity! We want to see your finished works and those in progress of all mediums. 


Interact with us! Feedback is always welcome and encouraged. If you are having difficulties contacting student artists, navigating the website or any thing else, please let us know!

Thanks for submitting!